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Since the 1980s I've tried to record as much of the changing railway scene as I can, concentrating on northern England & south west Scotland in general and Cumbria in particular. The galleries are intended to be viewed sequentially as they tell a story, geographically, chronologically or even alphabetically. Information in one caption sometimes relates to the caption in previous or subsequent captions.
The three related galleries are railway journeys on three routes that pass through Carlisle:
They all start their journeys south of the Border City and all pass through the hub of Carlisle. They feature a great variety of trains and railway paraphernalia from the start of the 1980s to the present and will be regularly updated. The early pictures are produced from flatbed scans of 35mm negative film. From around 1987 to 2007 flatbed scans of 6 x 4.5 cm slides are used with digital images from 2007 onwards. (hence the variation in quality). If you wish to use any of my images please e-mail me.

CELEBRATION:Glimpsed through the glazing of Workington station's covered footbridge, 37059 approaches with 1Z87, the Workington - York, Solway Viking railtour (with 47712 on the rear). On 22 May 2010, to celebrate the success of the railway’s role during the crisis caused by the great flood, local enthusiasts got together with Spitfire Railtours and Direct Rail Services to organise a charity railtour. I'm sure local people will recognize folk on the platform including the three stewards with the yellow hi-viz vests, the nearest of which (looking towards the aproaching train) is Eliot Anderson, a young man who's own website can be found under my "links" tab and who also appears in a number of my photographs, rather like Terence Cuneo's mouse!

Guestbook for Dave McDigital
Peter McDade(non-registered)
Love the quality of your photography. I grew up in Scotland, Kirkintilloch. But have lived in Australia since 1971. I have a big collection of British double decker bus models. It's so nostalgic for me. I now run a Camera Club and do a lot of photography in the Snowy Mountains. www.petermcdade.com

It is so rare to see people who actually make photographs of trains and other transport vehicles. Even I haven’t thought that there would be any beauty related with these frames, but you just proved me wrong. Excellent work, man.
Alan Postlethwaite(non-registered)
What a wonderful collection of material of huge appeal from both a railway and scenic interest. Thank you for making them accessible in this way.
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